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If you have received a Notice of Foreclosure, time is of the essence. If you don’t act, the court can move faster towards a foreclosure.Your property will go up for auction, and you will have to deal with all that accompanies the loss of your home. The same can be true if you try to defend the foreclosure on your own. A proper understanding of New York foreclosure laws and real property laws is necessary to set forth an appropriate foreclosure defense. If you try to handle it on your own, it is very unlikely your case will have a good outcome.

Ronald Shields Cook, Attorney at Law has years of experience representing borrowers. Schedule a consultation to go over your case. Then, your legal team can begin preparing your defense.[/column]

Preparing Your Legal Strategy

If your lender is trying to seize your home for lack of payment, you might think it’s impossible to mount a legal defense. There are actually various legal strategies that can be employed to stop foreclosure proceedings. Ronald Shields Cook, Attorney at Law will find a strategy that will work best for you. For example, a loan modification is a common solution. Bankruptcy is a possible solution. An “Order to Show Cause” is a possible solution. Regardless of the strategy employed, Ronald Shields Cook, Attorney at Law will work hard to help you find a solution.

Personalized Service

Some of the law firms in New York hand people over to paralegals as soon as they walk through the door. Ronald Shields Cook, Attorney at Law understands the importance of meeting with his clients and handling the cases personally. When you use this firm, you will have the confidence of knowing that your attorney will dedicate all possible resources to coming up with a solution.

Schedule a Consultation Today

Don’t make the mistake of trying to handle your foreclosure on your own. It is possible to prolong or even stop the proceedings, but you need legal help. Ronald Shields Cook, Attorney at Law offers consultations during regular business hours, as well as evenings and weekends. Contact the firm today to set up your consultation.